The French "ingénieur"

In France, the "ingénieur diplômé", the qualification given to a graduate engineer, corresponds to a very high level of training and includes the acquisition of a large number of varied skills.

The main characteristics of an "ingénieur diplômé" are:

  • Wide knowledge of numerous scientific and technical disciplines that guarantees his or her adaptability to rapidly changing technologies,
  • Trained scientific mind and a rigorous way of thinking,
  • Solid cultural and intellectual background,
  • Comfortable grasp of economics and social sciences,
  • Personal experience of industry, thanks to internships related in industry and school activities,
  • Experience of working in a team on a project, especially through research activities,
  • International open mindedness and a marked interest in current affairs in general,
  • High management potential.
The number of years of study required to obtain the "diplôme d'ingénieur" is five years after the Baccalaureate examinations. The degree course is divided into two parts, of two and three years respectively, each of which has its own rigorous selection procedures.
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