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The School for Companies

The École Centrale Paris was founded in 1829 to educate engineers capable of taking charge of the development of industrial applications arising from scientific discoveries within companies. Thus through its vocation, the École Centrale is the School for Companies. Strengthened and reinforced over the years, this intrinsic collaboration has become an everyday reality, and part of the life itself of the establishment.

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Active partner companies

Industrial and economic partners are associated in the organisation of the École: as members of various consultancies and commissions, in choosing the director and management team, in the temporary assignment of engineers as lecturers. Since 1990, the École Centrale has put new forms of collaboration in place with Industrial Partnerships. This collaboration is clearly evident in the financing sources of the establishment: private resources (partnerships with companies, research contracts, Apprenticeship Tax, invested capital, etc.) in the consolidated Budget of the Groupe École Centrale make up almost 42%.

A permanent open outlook

The campus permanently takes an open outlook towards its environment: students' extracurricular activities and the organization of events for and with companies, such as the Centrale Job Fair.

Centrale Research S.A. (CRSA)

In parallel, the activities of the research laboratories of the École were strengthened through the creation, in 1986, of a public limited company, Centrale Recherche S.A., a subsidiary with an industrial and commercial character, whose objective is to facilitate and reinforce the contractual links with enterprises.

Life long learning: Centrale Formation

Finally, the Continuing Education programs provided by Centrale Formation (Institut Centralien des Technologies et du Management - Centralien Institute of Technology and Management) accommodates engineers every year seeking training in new skills or technologies. At the same time, the ICTM brings the skills of its experts to intra-enterprise training programs.

European Technology Forums

The final step, taken in 1992, in the "service" offered by Centrale to companies, was the creation by the Association des Centraliens of "Technology Discussions", which became, in 1999, " European Technology Forums ". Their objective was to organize a large annual meeting allowing a wide spectrum of technologies to be covered, and is aimed, in particular, at small and medium sized companies; at these meetings, directors and managers of small and medium sized firms can, in liaison with large industrial groups, take stock of "state of the art" technologies and procedures and find solutions to their technological needs, and opportunities for financing of projects.
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