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Since its foundation in 1829, the École Centrale Paris has followed the same calling: training engineers capable of meeting the greatest challenges of their era. The challenge is to allow the 9 billion people who will live on our planet in 2050 to have access to
water, food, energy, health, education, information, etc.
To appreciate and meet the great challenges of the 21st century, the world needs ever more engineers – “three- dimensional” engineers: high level scientific and technical generalists, experts in initiating and piloting innovative projects and with a strong
international culture.
It is these new scientific leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, that Centrale Paris seeks to train and to prepare for the companies, governments and institutions of today and tomorrow. These men and women will know how to respond to the issues of their age using the science and technology.

It continues to prove this by developing its alliances with the most prestigious companies, universities and research centres in France and throughout the world. And by successfully exporting its model overseas, through the creation of the École Centrale in Beijing.

It is in this same spirit, with this same enthusiasm that we will continue to develop in order to train increasingly outstanding leaders.

Hervé Biausser, director of Centrale Paris


Centrale Paris’ Engineering Program

  • 1789 student-engineers with 255 in sandwich year (Class of 2014: 492; Class of 2015: 539; Class of 2016: 503), including: 515 international students and 353 female students
  • 40% of Centrale’s graduates have received dual-degrees

Advanced Master

  • 18 programs
  • 347 students of which 102 from abroad


  • 5 fields of concentration, M1 and M2
  • 146 students, including 45 student-engineers and 89 international students

Doctoral Studies

  • 223 doctoral candidates, including 135 from abroad
  • 50 graduating per year

Teaching and Administrative Staff

  • 232 full-time faculty
  • 126 faculty-researchers and full-time researchers (18% CNRS)
  • 900 adjunct faculty
  • 304 administrative staff members

11 Departments
7 Third year Options & 6 Career Tracks


  • 18 hectare campus
  • 58,645 m2 Overall Surface Area

ajor academic

  • The Centrale Paris – Supélec alliance
  • The College of Engineering and Systems Sciences
  • The PRES UniverSud Paris
  • ESSEC – the partner of reference
  • The Écoles Centrales group
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ajor global

Major global challenges, structured around six general themes

Major global challenges, structured around six general themes

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health and Biotechnologies
  • Information and Knowledge
  • Territorial Development
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Economic changes
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  • Significant involvement in assisting the disabled
  • Social opportunities, a priority
  • Still more young women in scientific careers
  • A daily concern about the problems of sustainable development
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Find out about Centrale Paris.

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Direction Phone : +33 1 41 13 10 00 Fax : +33 1 41 13 10 10 Email : direction@ecp.fr



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