Find out our MSc in DataScience!


This program is proposed and coordinated by CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School

Society has entered a new digital era where creation, consumption and use of digital content have changed our lives. Proliferation of sensors, the Internet of Things, and digital services do continuously produce highly heterogeneous, highly unstructured and high dimensional data hardly interpretable from human intelligence. Reasoning and mining on this data can be a novel way rethinking out of the box/addressing unsolved old problems or a wealth creation engine through the introduction of novel practices, services and policies. The future of business intelligence therefore relies on mastering jointly data mining and business analytics techniques which become the pillars of such an interdisciplinary effort.  

Intelligent usage of data is the root of today’s business decisions and the driving force of the societal and economical evolution of the years to come. It is probably one of the most important topics of our days. Analysts estimate that data-related businesses generated about 10 billion dollars in 2012, and will probably generate more than 30 billion dollars in 2017. In terms of employment, companies and organizations will need around a couple of hundred thousand data scientists and business leaders for the year to come. Furthermore, the exponential growth as it concerns content generation would certainly create a tremendous need for highly qualified individuals with an in depth knowledge and global understanding of the technological and business challenges behind such digital evolution era. Recent business studies converge to an estimated need of educating several millions data scientists and leaders within the decade to come.

This is why CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School, one of the best engineering and business schools in the world have partnered to propose a very innovative and complete program.

Also find below first part of machine learning courses: 

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