Centrale Paris has an “Engineering Sciences” Doctoral School that is accredited for the award of the title of Doctor of École Centrale Paris.
The School has offered a specific training program for 260 doctoral candidates.

Holding a doctorate from Centrale Paris means:

  • Knowing how to lead and manage a research project;
  • Knowing how to communicate about one’s research work;
  • Knowing how to innovate, launch and promote research work;
  • Knowing how to construct one’s professional project.

Selection & Admission

Any holder of a Research Master degree or an equivalent degree may be admitted after application.
The decision to accept the candidate is made by the Director of the École Centrale Paris upon the recommendation of the director for the thesis.


The Doctoral College accompanies doctoral candidates in their research project by proposing training given during the three years of their thesis. Each candidate must therefore validate, during these three years, a minimum of 100 hours of training approved by the Doctoral College.
The aim is to help them acquire the skills of a researcher and the qualities of a leader, an entrepreneur, an innovator.
These training modules can be offered by laboratories hosting doctoral candidates or by the Doctoral College. The students choose the training modules that they wish to follow each year in order to support their professional project, validated by their director for the thesis.

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  • Hold a Research Master or equivalent degree proving that the candidate has already benefited from a genuine introduction to research or has already undertaken personal research work.


Financing for the thesis is possible: Ministry doctoral allowance, CIFRE or CNRS grants from their related laboratories.
For international students, some programs of grants exist. For example, a program called BecasChile was developed for students coming from Chile.
All these programs are subject to competition between the candidates, either in France or at the partner institution.
Finally, the Chinese Scholarship Council offers grants for chinese students on a contractual basis every year.

Tuition Fees

Approximately €400
(excluding Social Security)