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Located on a 44-acre campus just over 6 miles from Paris, the Ecole Centrale Paris is known for:

You are:

  • In preparatory classes: Discover the Centralien engineering course
  • In university : Centrale Paris offers you numerous opportunities for training:
  • A graduate from another school : Discover the Master and Advanced Master degrees at Centrale Paris
  • In a job: The offers for continuous training with Centrale Paris

See the testimonials from students, professors, Centralien alumni now in jobs and the administrative personnel.

Julien Guiganti, Strategy and International Business Development (Promo 2007)

After completing my studies at ENSAM Paris, I wanted to acquire a more global perspective on business, to complement my technical training and move towards entrepreneurial and management functions. école Centrale Paris enabled me to acquire an interdisciplinary knowledge of technology companies in the fields of marketing, strategy, business and finance, at an international level. Now I am qualified for positions that were not available to me before.

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Academics Direction Phone : 01 41 13 13 64 Email : direction.etudes@ecp.fr

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Mobility Office Email : student.mobility@ecp.fr