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Centrale Beijing

September, 5th, 2005, 8.00 a.m., first day of term: the 108 students of the first year from Ecole Centrale of Beijing, of which a third of girls, began their education at Beihang University. This engineering school has been created in 16 months on the request of the Chinese Education Ministry with the assistance of the French Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs, the honour committee of the year of France in China and the Foundation Nicole Bru. See Website here.

The success of the recruitment exceeded all the hopes of the persons in charge of the project: the requests were numerous (for 10 places available for pekinese high-school pupils, 80 students from the two best high-schools of Beijing applied) and the level is excellent. This education is a real first opportunity for a sino-european partnership since it trains the students from their "Baccalauréat" (GaoKao) to their engineer diploma.

The intensive 6-year training (3 years of "classes préparatoires" and 3 years of engineer studies) prepares high level engineers, polyvalent, trilingual (Chinese, English and French) who will have quickly high responsibilities in companies either in China or in France.

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Wang Tairan, double graduated Centrale Beijing/Ecole Centrale Paris, PHD student in Génie Industriel lab of Centrale Paris. (in Chinese, dubbed in French)


Mahindra Ecole Centrale



École Centrale Paris / CentraleSupélec has established a world class engineering college Mahindra École Centrale (MEC)in India in partnership with the Mahindra Group, precisely Mahindra Educational Institutions, a 100% subsidiary of the Indian multinational corporation Tech Mahindra. By helping establish MEC in 2014, at Hyderabad, state of Telangana, CentraleSupélec announced its presence in India and the Mahindra Group forayed into Higher Education (in collaboration Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Hyderabad, a premier Indian institution with academic and research oriented courses).

This institution is based on a modern, international academic program. An integrated curriculum imparts students with the unique ability to adapt to global engineering challenges and new technologies that would shape the future and create professionals with the ability to master the complexity of multinational organizations. Mahindra École Centrale offers a B.Tech program in Engineering. The Mahindra École Centrale vision is to train engineers, both men and women, to be entrepreneurial and innovative as well as technically trained, so that they are capable of meeting the greatest challenges of their era.

Mahindra École Centrale emphasizes the need for students to learn from a wider knowledge spectrum and acquire inter-disciplinary capabilities. The Institution employs national and international faculty who work at the frontiers of academic enquiry and follow the developments of the real world in order to educate students to become experts in their disciplines. The emphasis on modern education will help develop a large and talent-rich pool of highly employable technology professionals.

Click on the image below to access to the Facebook pictures of the inauguration.


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Outside view of the campus

Vineet Nayyar Tech Mahindra Executive Vice Chairman 


Centrale Casablanca

Ecole Centrale Casablanca will open in September 2015. Please find out about the whole project with the dedicated Website which presents the programs, equipment and campus. (Or click on the image below).

The Agreement for the creation of the Ecole Centrale Casablanca was signed on April 3rd, 2013 by Ms. Geneviève Fioraso, French Minister for Higher Education and Research, and the State of Morocco, represented by the Ministers of Economy and Finance, for Higher Education, for Management Training, for Scientific Research and for Industry, Commerce and New Technologies.

The Agreement, which is the result of a strategic partnership between Centrale Paris and the Kingdom of Morocco, defines the procedures whereby the Ecole Centrale Paris and the State of Marocco assist in the creation, management and development of the Ecole Centrale Casablanca engineering school. It determines the basic principles of the School’s operation, notably its statutes, missions, governance, financing, pedagogy and the degree. This signature follows the Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of an engineering school in Morocco, signed in February 2009, and its amendment of October 2010.

This project was initiated by Ecole Centrale Paris and the State of Marocco closely with the Centralian community of Moroccan. The Ecole Centrale Paris and Morocco enjoy a close relationship; 312 Centralians today work in Morocco and the School has 145 Moroccan students in its engineering course.

The Ecole Centrale Casablanca will be developed based on the model of Ecole Centrale Paris, with a specific, appropriate status that allows it to meet the demands and standards of the French Ecoles Centrales. To achieve this, a non-profit foundation will be created - the Ecole Centrale Casablanca Foundation - whose mission is to establish an institution for higher education.

The Ecole Centrale Casablanca is a feature of the Moroccan plan for the development of industry, instigated by the 2009-2015 National Pact for Industrial Emergence; it also meets the aims that the Ecole Centrale Paris has set for itself to train an increasing number of generalist engineers with a strong international culture and at a high scientific and technical level - future leaders, experts in the initiation and management of innovative projects. The Ecole Centrale Casablanca is planned to open in 2014.

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