The final year of studies

The final year of studies is the indispensable complement to the training of an École Centrale Paris Graduate.

The students must acquire in-depth knowledge drawing from the multidisciplinary scientific training they already have and be prepared for their profession.

The novel 16-month plan of studies for final year students will be organized along the following lines:

  • An Area of Concentration to be chosen amongst 8 science or industry-related sectors: the course contents have been updated and broadened (23 weeks of work),
  • A choice between 5 Professional Tracks (10 weeks of work), as they are applicable to the graduate's 'début' in an engineering profession, alternating with the area of concentration-work and the final internship in industry (seven months long).

Each Centrale Paris student has to choose both one Area of Concentration and one Professional Track of non-core activities, thus acquiring both knowledge and competency in engineering, to be better adapted to an ever-changing job market, fluctuating growth sectors, and the emergence of new activity fields. Immediately after earning his/her degree the Centrale Paris graduate's operational skills are reinforced.

All course work is also organized in close collaboration with companies, essentially within the Partnership with Industry framework.

In each Area of Concentration, students may also work towards a DEA Degree (Diplôme d'Études Approfondies) leading to a Doctorate if they wish to do so.

The new organization of studies will facilitate the enrolment of international students who wish to earn a Master of Science Degree at Centrale Paris, thus complementing the current Double-Degree Program.

Each student of École Centrale Paris can, upon request and after consideration of his/her academic record, be authorized to enroll in a third year in other partner schools in France:

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