The educational program to become a "Centralien"

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The École Centrale Paris awards the following degrees: "Centralien" also known as "Ingénieur Diplomé de l'École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures" or "Ingénieur École Centrale Paris".

The educational program is based upon an integrated multidisciplinary approach that harmoniously blends basic scientific and technical education, technological education, and a solid initiation to the economic, social and human realities of industry.

Beyond the acquisition of knowledge and methodologies, which is the nucleus of the educational program, particular attention is given:

  • To the development, by each student, of his / her personal project: knowledge of the outside world, especially that of companies, and knowledge of oneself, leading each student to carefully consider the field of activity or profession which he / she chooses at the time of his / her first work experience,
  • To learn initiative, and team spirit, the ability to work in a group through specific training, through varied project work, through sport, and through involvement in the extracurricular activities of the Campus,
  • To the development of creativity, through work in laboratories, projects and specific studies,
  • To an international outlook through the study of foreign languages and cultures, through mandatory periods of work experience abroad, and through innovative exchange programs.

All of the teaching activities are organized in collaboration with industry, especially those within the framework of original industrial partnership operations.
This educational program is overseen by 180 teaching staff who are either tenured or under contract, assisted by 1,100 part time lecturers from industry (80 %) and from the university and scientific community (20 %).

This multidisciplinary approach is the guarantee of the program's modernity: the Centralien's ability to adapt to change, to master the complexity of organizations, and to understand and adapt the new technologies that are still in their infancy or as yet unknown.

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