"Centrale Formation" is the École Centrale Paris extension for Corporate Training, committed to the design and organization of open-enrolment and custom-designed programs for business leaders, managers and professional engineers.

Centrale Formation was founded by École Centrale Paris whose mission is to provide life-long learning opportunities for business leaders. Formerly known as ICTM (Institut Centralien des Technologies et du Management), Centrale Formation is resolutely involved in helping sustain company competitiveness, and in meeting current demands for executive education.

Both the expertise and multidisciplinary competence of École Centrale Paris faculty and research teams, together with the contribution of cutting-edge specialists in operational, technological and management positions in industry and government, concur to enable Centrale Formation to offer a broad array of programs perfectly-suited to the development of personal or corporate competence.

Centrale Formation is affiliated to the Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle (Federation of Professional Training) and to CEIFCO ( Club des Écoles d'Ingénieurs pour La Formation Continue - Association of Engineering Schools for Life-long training). CEIFCO and the CEFI ( Comité d'Études sur les Formations d'Ingénieurs - Study Committee for Engineering Education), constitute a joint group of the following French "Grandes Ecoles": ECL, École Centrale Paris, ENGREF, ENIC, ENPC, ENSAE, ENSAM, ENST, EPFL, ICAM, INPG, INSA, INSA Lyon, ISEP, SUPELEC, X.

Web: www.cf.ecp.fr
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Department of studies Email : direction.etudes@ecp.fr