Financing one’s studies

The Ecole Centrale Paris seeks to attract the best international students into its programs. It therefore develops partnerships and looks for all types of financial solutions to allow these students to achieve their professional and personal goals in the most advantageous circumstances. They are thus eligible for a certain number of grants according to their nationality, the program being followed, merit, their income, etc. The Ecole Centrale Paris’ policy of financial support is part of its international strategy and reflects its proven methods of recruitment.

The Eiffel program of Grants for Excellence

This program was launched in January 1999 by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to support international recruitment by French institutions for higher education.
Centrale Paris participates in this program and puts forward every year the best candidates from the emerging economies in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe for the engineering degree or a doctorate.
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The China Scholarship Council (CSC) grants program

The China Scholarship Council is a non-profit making organisation attached to the Chinese Ministry of Education. It offers financial assistance to Chinese students who wish to study in a foreign country and to French or foreign students who wish to study in China. The Ecole Centrale Paris is a partner in this program thus contributing to the flow of students entering and leaving both China and France.
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The Erasmus Mundus-External Cooperation Window

The Ecole Centrale Paris has, until now, made two bids in the context of this program. It thus became the coordinator for:

  • The TANDEM (Top Academic Networking for Developing Exchange and Mobility) Alliance for encouraging financially-assisted Sino-European mobility at undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and post-doctorate levels, as well as for faculty.
  • EM-BEAM (Build on Euro-Asian Mobility) which will allow financially-assisted mobility between Europe and the Japan/Korea zone from September 2011 for doctoral and post-doctoral students and faculty.

As a partner in two other programs, EUBRANEX with Brazil and WILLPOWER with India, the Ecole Centrale Paris has also been able to welcome Brazilian and Indian students at different academic levels.
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