Transport and Mobility Challenge

The “Transport and mobility” challenge covers both research and teaching activities in the field of transport: thermal and/or electrical motorisation, combustion (security of combustion chambers, reduction of polluting rejects), aerodynamics, performance optimisation to reduce fuel consumption…
Mobility refers to all movement of people and goods. It covers here the organisation of transportation, design of networks, road and rail infrastructures and intermodal activities.

Associated laboratories

Teaching departments

  • Energetics
  • Mechanics, civil engineering
  • Advanced information systems
  • Mathematics
  • Processes
  • Management Science

Third year Options / Career Tracks, Masters, Advanced Masters

Engineering Programme

A number of 3rd. year options cover problems relating to transport:

  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Energy
  • Advanced systems
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Industrial engineering


  • Field of Applied Sciences
    • Dynamics, structures, materials and coupled systems
    • Mechanics, Aeronautics and space
  • Field of Energy
    • M2 Thermal Sciences
    • M2 Electrification and automobile propulsion
  • Field of Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences
    • M2 Modelling and Simulation
    • M2 Applied mathematics: vision, learning
    • M2 Design and management of complex computer systems

Advanced Masters

  • Dynamics and Automotive Modelling
  • Structure and Aeronautic systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Open Information Systems Engineering
  • Rail and Driven Transport Systems



  • Thermal transfers
  • Applied thermal transfers
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Modelling and simulation of combustion
  • Experimental activity – Energy
  • Aircraft design


  • Simulation and optimisation
  • Advanced optimisation
  • Design and simulation
  • Signal treatment
  • Digital optimisation and applications
  • Digital modelling of transport problems
  • Advanced digital simulation

Mechanics, civil engineering

  • Mechanics


  • Structure and properties of materials
  • Electrical networks

Company sciences

  • Introduction to logistics
  • Flow control and management of stocks
  • Project management

Human and social sciences

  • Communication
  • Negotiation

2010-2011 Teaching Conferences

  • Automobile transportation: perspectives and challenges (Christophe Garnier, Renault)
  • Pricing air tickets (Bruno Matheu, Air France)
  • Financing infrastructures for transport (François Lanquetot, Bearingpoint)
  • What challenges for the motorist? (Vincent Garnier, SAFRAN)
  • The rail high speed record: its consequences (Pierre-Etienne Gautier, SNCF)
  • Acoustics in the car’s passenger compartment (Laurent Gagliardini, PSA Peugeot Citroën)
  •  Flow management in urban zones (Vincent Frelot, Thales)
  • Air transport in the face of the energy challenge (Georges Ville, President of the Academy of Air and Space

Companies incubated at Centrale Paris

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