Territorial Development: Sustainable construction Challenge

The  “Territorial Development: sustainable construction” challenge covers all today’s problems about the town and transport: sustainable construction, eco-suburbs, energy efficiency of buildings, managing waste, the evolution of methods of transport (people and goods), logistics, roads and networks (energy, fluids, telecoms), the influence and use of information and communications technology in the creation and management of territorial development.

Associated Laboratories

Third year Options / Career Tracks, Masters, Advanced Masters

Engineer Programme

  • Sustainable civil engineering and urbanism


Advanced Masters


Fundamental sciences and techniques

  • Construction materials
  • Structural mechanics
  • Reinforced concrete and pre-stress
  • Metallic construction
  • Hydraulics
  • Geotechnology
  • Economy and contracts in the construction sector

 Techniques and methods for design and execution

  • Thermal and acoustic performance of buildings
  • General construction procedures
  • Major construction works
  • Special foundations
  • Roads
  • Urbanism
  • Organisation of construction projects
  • Challenges and complex major projects

 Elective modules / projects

  • Module A
 - Financing and controlling major projects, 
Water and services, 
Calculation for major construction
  • Module B
 - Transport
, Setting up property operations, 
Managing natural risks
  • Module C
 - Urban development, 
, Cleaning up water/soil
  • Module D - 
Low consumption buildings, 
Off-shore, coastal engineering
, Seismic analysis and site effects


Architecture, urbanism, mobility, landscape, materials, energy, finance, computer science - the “Territorial development” challenge conferences aim at describing and highlighting all the new constraints in construction and land development which young engineers will face at the threshold of the 21st. century.

2010-2011 introductory conference

  • The town, the crossroad of mobilities - 
Jean-Marie Duthilleul, Architectural Engineer, President of Arep

2010-2011 teaching conferences

  • Energy in the building, a territorial challenge - 
Jean-Christophe Visier, Director, Energy Health Environment, Scientific and Technical Centre for Buildings
  • A major urban project: the Majunga tower at La Défense
 - Antoine Habillat, Director of Development, French Offices - Unibail Rodamco
  • Build differently: the technologies that will revolutionise the public works professions - 
Trino Beltran, R&D, Technical Innovation & Knowledge Sharing Manager, Bouygues Innotech
  • Territories and landscapes - 
Michel Desvigne, Landscape architect, representative of the winning team for the development of the Plateau de Saclay.
  • Materials, durability and architecture: the change of paradigms in the habitat 
- François Guéry, philosopher, Professor at the Jean Moulin University, Lyon III
  • Financing and mastering major projects: the Millau Viaduct - Lille Stadium - 
Marc Legrand, Managing Director, Eiffage Concessions
  • The challenge of Buildings with Positive Energy
 - Jean Lacroix, Pole of Excellence for Durable Construction, Bouygues Construction
  • BIM: The challenges of the digital layout for the building industry
 - Laurent Ortas, Manager, New technologies for specification, SAINT-GOBAIN
Olivier Celnik, architect, founder and organiser of the “Digital Workshops”  and member of the research team for Virtual Space for Design in Architecture and Urbanism
Guillaume Picinbono, computer engineer and expert in the IFC format at the Scientific and Technical Centre for Buildings

Examples of student projects

  • Eco-suburbs – motors for sustainable development: Villiers sur Marne
  • Effects of glazing in the assessment of energy in buildings
  • The biomass as a source of energy in the building
  • Eco-design for construction
  • Information and communications technology and sustainable construction
  • System for delivery of concrete from a micro-production concrete plant
  • Build tomorrow’s apartments
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