Information and knowledge Challenge

The arrival of digital processing, the large-scale spread of networks, the development of artificial intelligence and, above all, the convergence of technologies are all responsible for profound changes in our society. The “post-industrial” era has given way to a true era of “information and knowledge” with new possibilities, new technological and societal challenges, new economies, new representations as well as new fears and new forms of inequality and exclusion.

The nature of information has radically changed with the arrival of digital processing, networks and converging technologies. This change creates an abundant technological universe implying new mental and societal representations. The “information and knowledge” society results from a convergence between information systems, communication, software applications and technologies.

The “Information and knowledge” challenge deals with the effects of this convergence on society and its organisation: it is the importance of the flow of information and knowledge, the control of complex systems and, of course, the new technological and innovative universe and the promises that it offers.

Associated Laboratories and Third-year Options

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