Preservation of both the planet and its environmental balances for future generations is a vital challenge at the start of this century. The problems to be resolved are numerous, critical and urgent: water, energy, controlling pollution, evolution of the climate, North-South balance, maintaining bio-diversity, human health… They are all inter-disciplinary and the solutions that one can devise are also inter-disciplinary.
The generalist engineer therefore has a major role to play because he brings technological innovation – the essential vector for progress and original solutions, and at the same time incorporating and mastering the many other facts of these ever more complex problems.

Associated laboratories

Almost all laboratories in the Research Centre have research programmes related to sustainable development:

Options, courses, Advanced Masters and Masters

Engineering course:

The School has an option dedicated to this subject: Environment, Materials and Life Science
Other options also introduce this challenge:

  • Energy (joint option with Supélec)
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Physics and Applications
  • Sustainable Development and Construction)



Sustainable development is a theme introduced in 4 of the Ecole Centrale Paris’ Masters:

  • Field of Applied Sciences

Speciality: Processes, Environment and Biotechnology

Speciality: Civil Engineering and Environment

Speciality: Nanosciences

  • Field of Energy (ENE)

Speciality: Energy materials and processes

Speciality: Electrification and automobile propulsion

  • Field: « Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences, speciality: Modeling and simulation
  • Master in Nuclear Energy (in English)

Advanced Masters:
The School offers a Master in the field of sustainable development: Sustainable Development and Construction  


Common track


  • PR2100 – Water Treatment and Underground Water Protection
  • PR2940 – Chemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • PR3100 – Design of Industrial Processes for Energy, the Environment and Biotechnologies 1
  • PR3100 - Design of Industrial Processes for Energy, the Environment and Biotechnologies 2
  • PR4300 – Cogeneration and Energy production
  • PR5110 – Life Sciences and Biotechnology


The “Challenges” conference programme for 2010-2011 was as follows:

  •  Introductory conference (Valérie Masson Delmotte, CEA – GIEC, “Climatic warming”)

as well as 8 teaching conferences about:

  • The financial sector and sustainable development
  • The environment and waste materials in the nuclear industry
  • Climatic change – adaptation and scepticism
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Methanisation
  • Desalination of sea water
  • Sustainable suburbs

Companies incubated at Centrale Paris

Companies now incubated or which have left the incubator

The Awards for Innovation and Sustainable Development

Created in 2005 by Capgemini, the Innovation and Sustainable Development Prize is awarded each year for a competition for final year student projects from a number of schools: AgroParisTech, ESCP, Sciences Po, Supélec and the Ecole Centrale Paris.
The award recompenses 4 projects for the quality and originality of the work presented and which highlights:

  • a clear vision of the results expected from the project and its implementation,
  • an approach that combines economic, environmental and human considerations thanks to the multidisciplinary profiles of the project team,
  • an objective view of the limitations in the approach.

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