Economic Changes Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to know and understand the important economic changes that are taking place throughout the world – globalisation, the power of finance, crises – and to adapt to them by anticipating their effects, discovering new paths for the creation of wealth – advanced technologies, marketing, design, services – in both large companies and SMEs.

The challenge will heavily involve:

  • Meetings with directors of leading companies and SMEs faced with unrelenting global competition,
  • The opinions of economists and players from private equity and technologies,
  • Testimonies from innovators in marketing, design and technologies,
  • Critical analysis of the imbalances in finance and society.

It will offer a panoramic vision without embellishment of the economic world that awaits us, discovering the paths for opportunities - in short, to make sense of the knowledge and know-how that student engineers will discover during their courses at the School. By mixing direct dialogue with those involved, the opinions of academics, personal research and the study of specific cases, the challenge also aims to offer a leap into the heart of the world’s realities after two or three years of preparatory classes and intensive studies at high school.

Associated Laboratories and Options

In the School, the challenge is notably associated with:

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