For the Ecole Centrale Paris, to be well known by students, companies and institutions all around the world means establishing strong alliances with partners on programmes or participating to global networks.

TIME (Top Industrial Managers for Europe) – 54 partners

The Ecole Centrale Paris is a founder member of the TIME network, which is in operation since 1999. In 2009, it is on our School’s campus that the network celebrates its 20 years. Among the 2,500 TIME graduates, more than a half has a double degree from Centrale Paris.

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The “4+4” Network – 5 Ecoles Centrales and 4 chinese universities

This network that associates 5 Ecoles Centrales, Tsinghua University, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Xi’An JiaoTong University and SouthWest JiaoTong University, has existed for 15 years now. It is built on the same exchange model as the TIME network and trains a fifty double degree graduates per year.

The « 5+6 » network – 5 Ecoles Centrales and 6 brasilian universities

At the beginning of the year 2000, a network between 5 Ecoles Centrales and l’Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Sao Paulo, l’Université Fédérale de Ceara, l’Université Fédérale de Rio de Janeiro, l’Université d’Etat de Campinas, l’Université d’Etat du Rio Grande do Sul et l’Université Pontificale de Rio de Janeiro was created for developing double degree exchanges between France and Brazil. Until now, Ecole Centrale Paris trains fifteen double degree students per year between these two countries.

CESAEER – 57 institutions in 25 countries

Centrale Paris is also a member of the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research. This is a network for excellence, expecting to promote innovation and best practices to maintain quality standards in training engineers.  

Erasmus Mundus programs

Since 2008, Ecole Centrale Paris is involved in Erasmus Mundus Programs, first as partners and now as coordinator. Thus, it contributes to reinforce links between Europe and China with TANDEM and the zone Japan/Korea with BEAM

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