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Christopher Cripps

A global vision and an international mission
International development is now more than ever one of the School’s most important strategic goals.

Centrale Paris has been recognised for its international openings for more than 20 years. The School now incorporates this global approach to the world in a strategic development which is expressed in the form of an international mission that was approved by the School’s Managing Board on October 21, 2008:

- The School is at the heart of a world-wide network of the leading universities in major countries. The School benefits from the excellence of its partners and attracts high-level international students.
- The School prepares its students for international careers by teaching them two or three foreign languages, by their stay in another country for at least six months and through multi-cultural courses and activities.
- The School sets up international research collaboration in order to promote the best of French skills.
- The School cooperates with French and international companies in their development overseas, responding to their requirements in terms of applied research and in training their staff by offering them high-quality engineer-managers.

It is Centrale Paris’ ambition to become one of the top global institutions, training managers with a scientific and technical culture and who are accustomed to a multi-cultural environment.

The Centrale Paris project will lead to the increasing internationalisation of the School and its courses as well as the creation of a network of influential partners.

Marc Zolver, Dean of International Affairs & Partnerships


  • 176 partner universities throughout the world (in 45 countries)
  • 80 double-degree agreements
  • 30% of students on campus are international
  • 70 nationalities represented
  • 49% double degrees alumni
  • 6 months (minimum) abroad for each student engineer
  • 11 foreign languages taught



Partnerships in excellence, high-level international students. Internationally-oriented courses. Cooperating with companies for their international development. Off-site training programmes.

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To obtain their engineering degree, the School’s student must undertake one of the following:

  • an international semester (S8) with an academic exchange, a laboratory or a company;
  • a double degree in a partner university which allows for the simultaneous award of the degree in both the home and the host universities;
  • a gap year between the second and third years which involves at least six months internationally.
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Worldwide students

Double degree with Stanford University, academical exchange with Cambridge University, internship in SIngapore: Find out about the Centrale Paris students who spend a part of their studies abroad in our blog dedicated to International.

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International affairs & Partnerships

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