Centrale Engineering Program

The educational project is organized around:

  • Acquiring scientific and technical knowledge at the cutting edge of international research.
  • Developing professional leadership skills; encouraging future engineers to become agents of change.
  • Understanding the major challenges of the 21st century at the global level.

Future engineers are guided through the building of their personal and professional projects in seminarworkshops, which provide the tools and personal skills that will help them to thrive in their future environments.
Conferences, company visits and concrete projects enable students to process these social realities and the related challenges they will face.

The main goal of the “Challenge” activity is to allow students to give a meaning to their future as an engineer, able to meet the major challenges of the 21st. century. Participating directly in the training of engineers who are responsible and socially implicated, this activity is also the first contact with professional work using the project mode, learning how to function in a team, the development of a transversal approach to problems, techniques, economics, marketing… in direct contact with companies.

7 major themes

  • Energy: particularly the increasing valuation and rarefaction of fossil energies;
  • Environment: in the context inter alia of environmental balances;
  • Health and Biotechnologies: the engineer at the heart of the problems relating to life sciences and health systems;
  • Information and Knowledge: impact of information and communications technologies on society and its organisation;
  • Territorial Development: sustainable construction: sustainable development is an essential component in construction, notably through new environmental standards;
  • Transport and Mobility: the globalisation of exchanges and the acceleration of the means of transportation create an ever-stronger demand for mobility;
  • Economic changes: the financial-based economies, delocalisation, fair trade, etc.

After this first cycle of conferences, students choose which of the challenges presented they wish to pursue thanks to:

  • 8 themed conferences,
  • Company visits,
  • A bibliographic study at the start of the project,
  • Undertaking a project offered by a company.
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