Postdoctoral position at EM2C laboratory

Modelling radiative heat transfer inside microwave plasma reactors for diamond deposition

The general framework of this postdoctoral position aims at understanding the physical and chemical mechanisms governing high power density microwave plasma used in CVD reactors. More specifically, the studied process is dedicated to the growth of boron-­‐doped diamond layer from microwave discharge in H2-­‐CH4-­‐(B2H6) mixtures (Plasborddiam ANR project).
At high energy power and molar fractions of CH4, we observe the formation of soot-­‐like particles which contribute, with the molecular species, to radiative transfer and to the energy balance of the flow.
The main goal of the study is to build a numerical model for the prediction of radiative transfer in H2-­‐CH4-­‐(B2H6) micro-­‐wave plasmas working at a few hundreds of millibars. This radiative model will be coupled to a more general electromagnetic-­‐aero-­‐thermo-­‐chemical model of the plasma reactor.
The work will be focused on the following aspects:

  • The determination of the radiative properties of the contributing species, mainly C2H2 and soot particles. Concerning C2H2 properties, available IR spectroscopic data will be reviewed. Some extensions towards high temperatures will be undertaken using simplified approaches.
  • The adaptation of a 2D axisymmetric/3D model of the radiative transfer based on a discrete direction approach, enabling to account for gas-­‐soot mixture radiation, and possibly including radiation scattering.
  • The development of simplified models of radiative properties to be used within the radiative transfer model, enabling to reduce the required CPU times, and therefore to consider coupled calculations.
  • The coupling of this radiative transfer model to the general electro-­‐aero-­‐thermo-­-chemical modelling of the plasma in collaboration with project partners.

The successful candidate is expected to hold a PhD in a relevant area of physics or mechanical engineering.
Background in gas and particle radiation and in numerical simulation of radiative transfer will be appreciated.

Applicants should send a full CV, list of publications, two letters of recommendation from academic referees to and before end of February 2013.

The initial appointment will be for one year with a net salary of ~2000 Euros per month.

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