Open Information Systems Engineering

Training site:
Ecole Centrale Paris
Training responsible:
François LAISSUS
  • Keywords
    Unix, TCP/IP, CORBA, Internet, Intranet, Ingenierie, Consulting, Java.
  • Aims
    This Specialized Master's Degree aims to enable the student to acquire a real competence in the field of Open Computing Systems (based on the norms and standards which are widely published). Upon completing their training graduate students are able to master all the aspects of systems integration, from design to implementation and also the requisite documentation including regulatory aspects.
  • Tuition
    • The tuition is based on work sessions which are divided into three parts:
      • Courses and lectures,
      • Practical work, personal work,
      • Projects.
    • Tuition reflects as faithfully as possible the constraints of company life: concrete implementation based on products on the market, quality of documents produced,
    • The whole package of courses, practical work and projects represents a total of approximately 800 hours. The diploma is awarded after the student has carried out an internship in a company lasting a minimum of four months and validated by the completion and presentation of a written report.
  • Course structure
    The program is designed to meet the requirement of tree kinds of jobs: consulting, system engineer and system architect.
    • Acquisition of the required level in:
      • Unix concepts,
      • C Language,
      • Algorithmy quality.
    • Training in fundamentals of:
      • Systems architecture,
      • Problems of Open Systems (standardization),
      • Unix - Administration,
      • TCP/IP.
    • Additional training in:
      • English,
      • Object-oriented languages,
      • Data bases - SQL,
      • Management of information systems,
      • Concepts of operating systems,
      • Corba,
      • Computer law,
      • Security of information systems,
      • Network engineering,
      • Telecommunications and networks,
      • Software engineering,
      • MPLS and VPN,
      • Architecture of Cluster.
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Activity sectors and career opportunities

  • System Architect
  • Consultant and project leader,
  • System and networks administrator,
  • Internet - Intranet programmer.