Technology and Management

Training site: Ecole Centrale Paris

Training responsible: Éléonore MOUNOUD


TECHNOLOGY: Materials, Electronics, Heat Engineering, Information technology, Telecommunications, Chemistry, Biology.

MANAGEMENT: Technology, Innovation and Strategic management, Forecasting, Technological watch, Projection of innovation, Project management, Financing innovation.


The Advanced Master's Degree course is aimed at graduates from Business and Management schools or equivalent degrees from universities, of high level in business and management training who wish to acquire technological training allowing them to better grasp the technological factors involved in allocating resources within manufacturing and hi-tech companies.

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The Advanced Master's Degree course in Technology and Management is based on an intensive program of 12 months duration, of which 4 months are spent in work training in a company and aims to:

  • Present the principal fields of technology, their recent changes and future perspectives, to the students and immersing them in the language and reasoning methods used by engineers and technicians in the professional world,
  • Initiate the participants to management techniques and tools by placing them in situations based on real life, concrete examples,
  • Make future managers used to communicating and working with engineers and scientists, through shared projects and meetings with professionals.
  •  Course structure
    • Science and technology (250 h):
      • Physics(basis),
      • Chemistry,
      • Electronics,
      • Materials,
      • Heat Engineering,
      • Biology and Biomedical engineering,
      • Information technology,
      • Telecommunications.
    • Fundamentals in Innovation and Technology management (100 h):
      • History of techniques,
      • Economics and marketing of innovation,
      • Technology, innovation and strategic management,
      • R&D management,
      • Technology Management in Europe (1 week in partnership with European universities).
    • Methods in Innovation and Technology Management (100 h):
      • Monitoring of technological development and strategic information, Technology forecasting,
      • Design to cost (in collaboration with CDN, consulting firm in design and innovation),
      • Project management (in collaboration with CDN, consulting firm in design and innovation),
      • Value analysis and financing of innovation,
      • Technical English.
    • Discovering manufacturing and IT industries (100 h):
      • Conferences on Process Industries / Plant tour,
      • Integration seminar and end of studies trip,
      • T&M Conferences on Technological Stakes,
      • Conferences on new ventures with "Centrale Entrepreneurs".
    • Technical and Economical project (150 h):
      • Each participant must work on a project carried out in apairs manner with engineering students; it may also consist in a participation in one of the major projects of the École Centrale Paris. Each project involves the preparation of a report and a presentation in front of a jury.
    • Work training period in a company (from 4 to 8 months).
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Activity sectors and career opportunities

The opportunities are varied and cover numerous industrial and service sectors (automobiles, space, telecommunications, information technology, finance, banking, cosmetics, etc.).


The positions open to graduates of this discipline are also very varied: buyer, consultant, business engineer, management auditor, product manager, major accounts manager, auditor, marketing manager, etc.